Gilles Gnacadja

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I am passionate about and proficient at channeling the power of mathematics to address science, technology and engineering problems. Mathematics is rich and diverse but hampered by the pure-versus-applied divide. I like to think that I am a holistic mathematician who is keen on broadening the breadth, depth and impact of the use of mathematics. I tackle real-life problems by applying available mathematics and developing novel mathematics that support applications or emerge from them.

My current focus is research, development and innovation in the biopharmaceutical sector, particularly in receptor pharmacology, biochemical reaction networks, systems biology, and predictive modeling for personalized medicine. I endeavor to acquire comprehensive understanding of problems through active collaboration across structures and disciplines, and to design and deliver thorough solutions grounded on mathematical rigor, methodical custody of knowledge, and well-organized computing. I often play the role of mathematical architect and custodian of mathematical integrity in multidisciplinary projects.

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Erdős number: 3

Name pronunciation: Hear me say my name.

International languages: English and French